Tuesday 2nd April

100 Wardour Street,

Soho, W1F 0TN

7pm – 9pm

We are thrilled to welcome to the very first Spark of 2019:

Penny Power, OBE 

“Do we want to see the glossy side or the real side of people?”

Penny Power has a glossy image, her family, her OBE, her business brand; the Founder of two businesses, one global and the other National and now her third, The Business Café. Happily married, three children, holidays, travel… all looks so good. The reality is that there is a lot of pain, challenges, adversity and loss of self-worth in her business and life journey.

In November 2017 Penny realised she was broken and needed to press the stop button and reassess her business mind and decide if she wanted to be as ambitious as she has always been. Penny believes it is time that the human side of business is openly shared and, in her book, she describes herself as a torch bearer on the subject of Emotional and Mental Wellbeing in Business.

In a world of shiny images and the issue of ‘compare and despair’ brought on my our time online, Penny shares her lessons and journey in her new book “Business is Personal”. She believes strongly that we have to have a deep sense of the life we want to lead and an understanding of our own desires and definitions of success.


Solomon Wright, Founder – Zone 

Serial creative and product addict, Solomon has a track record of building and scaling tech businesses. Everything Solomon has built to date has had a strong community at its core and his new venture, Zone is no different.

Having spent thousands each month on office rent across two countries, Solomon saw a gap in the market for flexible co-working space that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. His solution, Zone, has started to see early traction using unused areas in high-end restaurants, hotels and bars as co-working spaces.