Month: October 2018

Spark October

Monday 8th October

We are thrilled to welcome our two wonderful speakers for Spark October:

Sarah Burns – Founder & Managing Director, Prizeology

Prizeology founder and director Sarah Burns has two decades of experience in the prize promotions industry, running prize draws and competitions, and working with agencies, businesses and brands. She is a member of the Fraud Women’s Network and in recognition of her work on raising public awareness of prize draw scams the National Trading Standards Scam Team has made her a Scambassador.

An inspiring speaker, Sarah works with businesses of all sizes on how they can use prize promotion to:

Drive sales

Increase footfall

Create brand awareness

Generate PR

Sarah’s expertise on promotional compliance extends to influencer marketing for which she wrote a much publicised white paper earlier in  2018. We are so happy Sarah will be sharing her insight, experience and wisdom with us at Spark.

Please follow Sarah on Instagram @prizeology and @pocketburns 


John Richards – Founder & Author, Awareness Change

John has spent more than 18 years working in crisis intervention with a vast range of clients and organisations as a senior manager, writer and consultant specialising in change management, awareness and holistic development.

He now collaborates with some of the UK’s leading performance and development experts to deliver opportunities for exponential organisational and personal growth. John’s work utilises a unique and revolutionary framework developed over thousands of hours of practical experience, that connects his clients with their all-powerful subconscious.

He delivers bespoke events for UK businesses, organisations and individuals focused on transformative personal inspiration. John is a founding director of The Inspiration Programme, and with his co-directors Neil Laughton and Angus Wingfield, leads Adventure Retreats in places around the world as diverse as Mt Everest and wild South Africa.

His first book; on Awareness, Change, Relationships and Fruitfulness, will be published by EyeWear in the UK in October 2018.

We can’t wait to hear John’s fascinating story at Spark.